Registration Information

Club Dues
Senior Men (Full Membership)- $450
Senior Women (Full Membership- $395
Senior Students Women (College/University)- $325
Senior Students Men (College/University)- $350
U19 Boys - $350
U19 Girls - $325
U17/U15 Boys & Girls - $350
U-13 Boys & Girls - $325
U11 Boys & Girls - $250
U7/ U9 Boys & Girls- $225

Age Breakdown
Senior Teams born in 1999 or earlier
U19 born in 2000 or 2001
U17 born in 2002 or 2003
U15 born in 2004 or 2005
U13 born in 2006 or 2007
U11 born in 2008 or 2009
U9 born in 2010 or 2011
U7 born in 2012 or 2013

Club Shorts and Socks are required for all club members.
- Players aged 9 and younger receive a pair for free.
- Players aged 10 and up will be able to purchase them at practice.

Games at Fletcher's Field are subject to Admission Charges:
$6.00 for Adults and $4.00 for Youth

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For Medical and Safety:


1. Refunds must be formally requested by the member or on behalf of a member by a parent or
guardian (applicable for any member under the age of majority within their province or territory)
through the SportLoMo system within 15 days of original purchase. SportLoMo will be responsible for
issuing payment back to each member via the registration system.
2. All refunds will be approved automatically if a request is submitted within 15 days of original purchase
and no games have been played within the 15 day timeframe.
3. Only full online refunds will be granted once the request has been made within 15 days of the original
4. Refunds that fall outside of the 15-day window from the original purchase shall be reviewed by all
member organizations and processed on an individual basis. If approved Rugby Canada, Provincial
Unions, Regional Association and Clubs will be responsible for the payment to the member offline,
outside of the registration system.

Further to the Rugby Canada Policy above, Rugby Ontario has the following policies:
1. A refund may be requested at any time from the date of registration until April 30th 2019, provided
that the registrant has not participated in any rugby related activities.
2. After April 30th 2019, a refund may be requested within 15 days of original purchase if no games have
been played within that 15 day timeframe.
3. A refund may be requested where a team folds prior to the commencement of a program, league or
competition, and the registrant is unable to find a suitable alternative team in which to participate. Such
a request must be submitted within 15 days of the scheduled commencement of the relevant program,
league or competition.
4. Refunds will not be provided in any other circumstances.


1) I’ve (my son or daughter) have never played rugby before? Can I (they) still play?

ABRFC is a club for all, we run multiple teams at most age groups for that very reason. Everyone is welcomed.

2) Do you have any try-outs or cuts?

ABRFC is a club for all, everyone who signs up will get play time, play time will vary depending on a few circumstances.

3) When do you practice or play?

ABRFC runs over 20 different teams, each age group has a team page which you can view by clicking HERE. There you will find a detailed scheduled for each team.

4) When does the season start and finish?

Senior Men- April to October
Senior Women- April to August (Fall 7’s available in Sept. and Oct.)
U-17 Boys- June to August (Fall 7’s available in Sept. and Oct.)
U-17 Girls- June to August (Fall 7’s available in Sept. and Oct.)
U-15 Boys-May to August (Fall 7’s available in Sept. and Oct.)
U-15 Girls- June to August (Fall 7’s available in Sept. and Oct.)
U-13 Boys- May to August
U-13 Girls- May to August
Minors- May to August

5) Where do you play/practice?

We have two home locations:
St. Max Kolbe CHS, 278 Wellington Road East, Aurora, ON
Fletcher’s Field, 2743 19th Ave, Markham, ON

6) Do you run Girls teams?

YES, almost 1/4 of ABRFC is females. For every team we run, we run a Girls team. U-7/U-9’s  Flag and U-11’s Modified Contact are co-ed team. U-13’s Practice Coed but compete separately.

8) How safe is Rugby at the young ages?

Our Under 9’s and Under 7’s play a version of rugby which is NON-CONTACT. This would be like hockey at the Tyke or Novice Level.

Our Under 11’s play a version of rugby which is MODIFIED CONTACT. This version focuses on controlled scrummages and learning how to properly tackle. There are rules in place to ensure every tackle is safe and controlled. This would be like a Yellow or Orange Belt in Karate.

Our Under 13’s play a version of rugby which has MODIFIED RULES. This version focuses on the fundamentals of rugby, catch and pass and tackle. The scrums have no push, The Lineouts have no lift and having fun is the end result.

9) Core Values of Rugby?

World Rugby sums it best on way we love the game:
Discipline- Respect- Fairness- Solidarity- Passion